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Welcome to the Remenham Club

Latest updates

The fixtures (& results) for Remenham Club Founding Club crews competing on Wednesday can be found here.  (29/06/16)

Advance guest badge sales have finished.  Guest badge purchases can only be made at the Treasurers box by the entrance after this time.  (29/06/16)

The last mail out of guest badges purchases took place on Saturday.  All guest badge purchases can now only be picked up at the Treasurers box.  (26/06/16)

Update on available numbers of guest badges and car park tickets still on sale can be found here.  (25/06/16)

The results of Friday's qualifying races can be found here.  (24/06/16)

The list of crews required to qualify can be found here.  (19/06/16)

There are 42 crews entered from the founding clubs for this year's Henley Royal Regatta.  Read the list of entries here.  (19/06/16)

Avoid complications...  pre-purchase your Remenham Club merchandise before you go to Henley this year...  For more information please see here. (13/04/16)

The results of the 2015 Remenham Challenge can be found here.  Thanks to all who helped make the Challenge a success on the day.  (19/12/15)

Congratulations to Thames RC 'A' on their victory in the Thames Challenge Cup and to Molesey BC on their victory in the Wyfolds Challenge Cup.

Well done to all Remenham Club Founding Club's crews who raced at Henley Royal Regatta 2015.  Results for all races involving Founding Club's crews can be found here.  (05/07/15)